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2018-12-12 09:00:00
by Christopher Butt
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Cars - Driven by Design

Is there anything new to be said about The Most Beautiful Cars Of All Time? 


It is a lot easier to write about Sergio Sartorelli’s Fiat Ritmo than Malcolm Sayer’s Jaguar E-type. Certainly if the author in question is intent on coming up with something that is, at least, entertaining and, at best, illuminating. 

For this reason, I was equally delighted and cautious when Düsseldorf’s Museum Kunstpalast approached me regarding Cars - Driven by Design in early 2018.

The museum - and particularly the curator in charge, the delightful Barbara Til - was in the process of devising and organising an exhibition on sports car design; the first time this would be done at a German fine arts museum. 



Unlike MoMA’s seminal 8 Cars exhibition, PS: Ich liebe Dich (as the show ended up being named) is focused solely on post-war sports cars. Or, in other words: The prettiest automobiles ever created - which also happen to be automobiles about which an awful lot has been written already. 

As I try and not waste my time and that of the reader as best as I can, I did what I could to not simply reiterate the gospel of how and why the likes of Farina, Scaglione, Giugiaro and Gandini created forms of unmatched beauty, but approach each subject from a slightly unorthodox angle. 



Regardless of what this modus operandi eventually resulted in, I was careful to be respectful of each and every subject. In that sense, I treated these most revered of automobiles just as I would deal with a Fiat Ritmo.

Thankfully - and not entirely expectedly - early response to my articles has been encouraging. However, I look forward to receiving more feedback from visitors of PS: Ich liebe Dich at Museum Kunstpalast and especially readers of the book.


Cars - Driven by Design can be purchased online here. 



Excerpts © Hirmer Verlag/Museum Kunstpalast

Photos © Auto-Didakt (6), Hirmer Verlag (1)


©, all rights reserved

Christopher Butt


car enthusiast, writer, critic

biased, elitist, German 

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